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HT Global Industries is a leading analytics, media and consulting organisation headquartered in London, providing World Class services to some of the Worlds largest industries.


At HT Global Industries, we connect buyers to sellers within many specialized markets, supporting industry trade and business flow. Through our platforms and solutions, different businesses are able to network, trade and grow with one another to discover new products using tailored, focused content and data services across digital marketplaces. We provide a multitude of services to assist clients in strengthening their digital presence and supporting their goals and objectives.  

Key decision makers, sellers and buyers can, through advanced analytics services, use our platforms to meet new clients and gain an understanding of the latest trends while discovering and developing new products, generating business leads, and forming professional relationships with suppliers and traders.

Around the globe

HT Global Industries operate in all major regions around the globe, including a notable presence in Europe and North America, the Middle East, and Asia. 

digital platforms

365 days a year, we create perennial digital marketing platforms that combine rich educational content with digital marketing solutions to engage our community members, drive outreach, and solidify connections, with the use of online marketplaces as a place for browsing and purchasing products and suppliers becoming increasingly popular among businesses, and creating close relationships ensures your marketing success in a complex digital world.

To obtain clearer results, we combine the most accurate data, intelligent planning, and an easier and more intuitive approach to campaign management.

For many years, we have been helping and supporting businesses who sell to industries with structuring their data on an enterprise level.


Our exclusive and unique focus gives us the edge in knowing the shape and dynamics of the markets we cover, and we are confident that we can deliver results more accurately and efficiently than any competitor.

Our clients rely on us for daily analysis, identification of opportunities, and analysis of commercial firms, government agencies, and industries, as well as geographic markets, which are all designed to integrate with the core sales and marketing functions of our customers.

To assist our clients in achieving better market planning, targeting, and client engagement, we intend for our many analysts to become an extension of their business development function.

The COVID-19 pandemic has, of course, had a huge global impact, and brought unforeseen challenges to businesses which has made it essential to adapt their operational models. We aim to support clients throughout this process using our digital platforms, and ensure that the impact of not being able to conduct business face to face and travel the world is not a long lasting one.

Using our platforms, we strive to make the process of supply chain procurement, researching and conducting due diligence as simple as possible.


Medical Device

The medical device manufacturing industry produces equipment designed to diagnose and treat patients within global healthcare systems.  Medical devices range from simple tongue depressors and bandages, to complex programmable pacemakers and sophisticated imaging systems. Major product categories include surgical implants and instruments, medical supplies, electro-medical equipment, in-vitro diagnostic equipment and reagents, irradiation apparatuses, and dental goods. HT Global Industries supports Medical Device Manufacturers, Medical Technology and Healthcare companies in their sales, procurement and marketing functionalities. 



The Pharmaceutical industry has become one of the most developed sectors in recent times. The progressive advancements of science and technology in general have been one of the factors that has stimulated the growth of this sector. Like other industrial sectors, the pharmaceutical industry has moved towards the development of more sustainable production systems, products, and processes. HT Global Industries supports Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in their sales, procurement and marketing. 

Oil and Gas

Offshore oil (gas) field development refers to oil and gas recovery, whereas offshore oil (gas) production engineering refers to a defined system consisting of specific technologies and management approaches that are able to efficiently and effectively extract undersea oil and gas. HT Global Industries supports Oil Majors and Contractors in their sales, procurement and marketing.



The global aerospace and defense manufacturing industry is worth $170 billion, according to the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. The industry involves the manufacture of defense goods, including information systems, watercraft, aircraft and weaponry. It is a highly concentrated market that sells mainly to governments who require products for military purposes or spacecraft for federal space programs. HT Global Industries supports Defence Contractors, Militaries, Government Organisations globally in their sales, procurement and marketing. 


Our Mission

To provide digital services that meet client expectations and requirements. Full commitment to continuous improvement and conducting business with integrity.

Our Vision

Build a client-centric, values-driven organization that grows by solving clients’ challenges.


Our Core Values

  • Honest and Trustworthy – “We conduct business like a family”
  • Passionate and Responsive – “We love what we do, we are there 365 days a year, whenever our clients need us”
  • Loyal and Long Term Commitment – “We always look at long term goals and how clients can succeed for many years to come”


In an ever-changing world, employing deep knowledge and experience within our Business-to-Business Markets and Digital Services across the Medical, Pharmaceutical, Military and Oil and Gas industries, we are able to connect thousands of business professionals on a global scale, while constructing broad and deep networks in to online communities. HT Global Industries is a global business with a strong presence and network in key markets such as North America, Europe and Asia. 

Our leading brands serve businesses and professionals by providing expert knowledge and relevant connections, in turn streamlining your company’s sales and marketing efforts by unifying them both under one roof.


Invest where it matters most, our leading B2B platforms allow you to reach, educate, and build relationships with your ideal target market. Using the Worlds Leading Technology, we give you access to your customers like never before. 

Our in house editors and World Class designers make sure that your content is at the highest level, while using our highly targeted avenues, to push your content directly to your end customer. We specialise in lead generation, education through content and brand exposure to allow organisations to create long term and meaningful business relationships. 

HT inspires companies to design, build and support a virtual world, where business professionals can share, educate and release information 365 days a year. 

Additionally, HT Global Industries and its partners have a wealth of experience in Digital Marketing, assisting companies in a wide array of digital services including Website design, optimisation and maintenance, as well SEO and Social Media Marketing to name a few.


Expert Market Intelligence and Analysis of industries allows our partners to navigate a World of data overflow and disruption, in a simple yet informative manner. 

Using data, analytics and measuring user behaviour globally, our solutions give our clients the ability to maximise their ROI. We provide World Class analytics to clients to assist them with their strategic decision making across their sales and marketing functionalities.


Through our network HT Global Industries can provide World Class consultancy services to clients across each of our vertical markets. Sales and Marketing consultancy support can be provided globally with a strong network of consultants on hand in key global locations to support your business whenever and wherever required, giving your company an edge in a highly competitive vertical.